Deck the halls! Ring the bells! Light the candles! List the house?


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    You can feel it in the crisp air and see it in the turning of the leaves. The holiday season is fast approaching and department stores will overflow with the hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers. Families will gather to share meals, laughs, and memories. Friends will openly exchange gifts … and discretely return a few.

    Beneath it all is the spirit of the season—a perfect time to express gratitude and share hope.

    Did you know that the holidays are also a great time to list your home? Yep. Here’s why!

    Holiday shoppers are serious shoppers

    Seattle homebuyers have been buying more than just presents during the holidays for the past 5 years now. In fact, last year 912 residential properties sold in the Seattle area during the holiday season, with a median of 17 days on market.  On average, sellers received 100% of asking price!

    At Sweet Living, we don’t expect this holiday season to be any different. Sure, conventional wisdom says that spring is the best time to list your home; flowers are blooming, rain stops leaking into your basement, and homebuyers wake from their winter-long slumber to start shopping. But, why be conventional? Conventional is boring! Besides, during the spring the housing market can be saturated with competition … I mean inventory, which leads me to the next point.

    Inventory is low so your opportunity is high

    The Seattle market has been brutal for buyers and a boon to sellers for the past 3 years. Today, there is a HUGE pent up demand … for your home.  Picture it! Your house, aglow with interest! Why? Because yours is one of the few on the market! While the majority of sellers are waiting until spring to list their homes, yours will shine through the holidays, and not just because of the tinsel on the tree. I know that Seattle real estate heats up in March, but the oft-neglected months between November and January are prime times to get your home sold to the highest bidder.

    Interest rates are CRAZY low and this will not last

    Interest rates have been hovering around the 4% mark for a 30-Year Fixed Mortgage for so long that Seattle home buyers and sellers have become desensitized to how truly amazing that is.  Low inventory + low rates = more cash in your stockings, sellers. When rates go up just .5%, that buyer who could afford to offer you $500,000 can now only offer you $470,000 – that bump in interest rates just took $30,000 out of your pocket.

    If you are interested in selling your home, don’t let conventional wisdom hold you back.  Right now prices are up in Seattle’s core neighborhoods by over 9% than they were this time last year. Schedule a complimentary market analysis with me today and we’ll see if Sweet Living can help make your season bright-er!

    Source – Northwest Multiple Listing Service

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