NOW Is The Time To Buy




    The rain is coming, the days are dark, and your landlord has raised the rent.

    What’s a Seattleite to do?

    Well, you could become your own landlord of course. But! The market is CRAZY and didn’t you hear about that house in Ballard that sold $500,000 over asking with 112 offers?


    The fact is that if you want to minimize the drama of your home purchase, now is the time to get to it. Our Sweet Living buyers have been getting into houses this month with less competition than we typically see in the hot spring months.

    Here are some reasons to seriously consider NOT WAITING TO BUY:

    • Sellers who have their homes listed during the holidays are serious sellers.
    • Interest rates are ridiculously low, and have crept up slightly this week.
    • Other buyers are distracted, but not you, smartypants!
    • Wouldn’t you rather see what that house does in the rain, instead of when the weather is dry and everything is coming up roses?

    Our Sweet Living Motto is “The right time to buy is when it’s the right time in your life!”.

    Don’t overthink the real estate market.
    It will win and you will remain living where you don’t want to be.

    Have you thought about moving but don’t know where to start? 

    CLICK HERE to start the process and see what your options are.  




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