Winning Your House In A Competitive Seattle Market


    You’ve just walked into the house of your dreams and you get that feeling.  You’re starting to fall in love – you can envision your toaster on the counter and having BBQ’s in the backyard.  And then it hits – Seattle Homebuying Stress Disorder.  The seller is waiting for offers, there are 3 inspection vans parking in the driveway, and 100 people parading through the open house envisioning THEIR toaster on the counter.  The first thought is, “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”.

    Don’t let that madness freak you out!  You have Sweet Living on your side.  Our goal is to work with our buyers before they get to this point so that you are not making rash decisions.  We want to understand your needs before “the one” comes along.  Here are a few decisions that we need to talk about before you get that domestic feeling:

    1.  Mortgage Pre-Approval – having a respected local lender get your pre-approval done before you start shopping is imperative.  There are literally 1000’s of ways to finance a purchase, and you need to know the difference before you’re hot and heavy.  Click here to apply for a mortgage with our trusted pals at Evergreen Home Loans.

    2.  Inspections – in a market where it’s difficult to get an inspection contingency accepted, what do you need to know up front?  Do you do a pre-inspection?  A Sewer Scope?  What if you don’t?  Let us counsel you through those tough decisions.

    3.  What other hiccups might come up during the transaction?  What is happening in the neighborhood that you need to know? How are the schools?

    Don’t be another smartphone home shopper wandering through open houses.  You need more than an app to guide you on the BIGGEST FINANCIAL DECISION OF YOUR LIFE.  That’s right, I said that.  Contact us for a no-nonsense buyer consultation and let’s avoid all of that craziness, shall we?

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