Ballard Real Estate

    The historic community of Ballard is located along the waterfront in Seattle’s northwest. Neighboring districts include Crown Hill and Greenwood to the north, Phinney Ridge and Fremont to the east, Magnolia to the south across from Salmon Bay and Shilshole Bay along the entirety of the western coast. The community has a deep culture and thriving arts scene to go along with its prominent locks and marina.

    Newly Built Condos in the Middle of Town

    The Ballard neighborhood has undergone a construction boom over the past decade, resulting in an increased amount of new condominium buildings around the center of the community. Ballard was exclusively a residential area, with many small houses throughout, but a movement to build up density has allowed many first-time buyers an opportunity to invest in Ballard via affordable condos. These units are the perfect way to enter the real estate market in Seattle, buying without fear of expensive renovations or repairs down the line because of the brand-new construction and fixtures. Ballard also has a variety of forever homes for any buyer who invests in a condo and wants to move up after a few years, but wants to stay in the community they have come to fall in love with.

    A Selection of Housing Options for Buyers

    There is a great variety of houses available in Ballard for anybody looking to buy a home to raise a family or just think it’s time to sell that condo and move up in the community. Because of its history, there are many older and affordable single family detached houses lining the streets of the neighborhood. Alternatively, there are also many estates on the waterfront of the western shore, providing stunning views and ample space for anybody looking for a larger home overlooking the Shilshole Bay. This wide selection of housing options is part of what has made Ballard increasingly popular with first-time home buyers. Whether you are looking for a newly built condo, a humble duplex in a quieter part of town or a sprawling estate to watch the sun set over the water, Ballard will have your dream home.

    A Look at Ballard’s Many Schools

    Ballard is part of the Seattle Public Schools district and has many elementary schools within its borders for parents to choose from, including one private academy and one Catholic school. Standard K-5 schools include Adams Elementary School, Loyal Heights Elementary School, North Beach Elementary School and Whittier Elementary School. Salmon Bay School is a K-8 elementary and middle school, Matheia School is a K-5 private school and St. Alphonsus School is K-8 in the Catholic curriculum. Along with Ballard High School, all these schools are located within Ballard, making it a community to watch for any buyers who are planning to start a family.

    A Community with Culture and History

    Ballard has a deep history that dates back to the 19th century and a culture that celebrates the Scandinavian heritage of the town. There are numerous historic buildings throughout the neighborhood, including the Ballard Avenue Historic District, a section of downtown where locals can enjoy the old architecture and learn about Ballard’s history. The Scandinavian culture is highlighted in the Nordic Heritage Museum and the library, fire station and Lake Washington Ship Canal are all registered historic places.

    The Popular Parks and Locks

    One of Ballard’s defining features is the abundance of locks and parks along the shoreline. The Shilshole Bay Marina runs along the west shoreline and offers a nearby solution for residents who want easy access to their boat to spend some time on the water. The Hiriam M. Chittenden Locks, known to locals as simply the Ballard Locks, are found in the Lake Washington Ship Canal to the south and operate as the area’s largest attraction, bringing in visitors from all around to marvel at the locks and enjoy the free botanical gardens that surround the region. Families can also spend a full day enjoying the outdoors at the Golden Gardens Park. Whether it’s swimming or boating in the water off of the beach, hiking the natural trails or simply having a picnic, there are many ways to enjoy the town’s popular park.

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