Beacon Hill Real Estate

    The primarily residential community of Beacon Hill takes its name from its hilly landscape that can provide great views of Downtown Seattle or the mountain range depending on where you happen to be. Surrounding neighborhoods include Georgetown and the Industrial District to the west, Downtown and Central Seattle to the north, Mt. Baker and Columbia City to the east and Rainier Valley running along the east all the way to the south.

    What Kind of Homes Can I Find in Beacon Hill?

    Beacon Hill is mostly residential and has been that way from its humble beginnings when immigrants would migrate to the large hill south of Seattle where nobody else wanted to live. Now the community is more accessible than ever and the homes range in size and style, from older Seattle box houses to brand new condo developments. Many of the homes on the market are traditional bungalows that tend to fall between 1,000 to 2,000 square feet or multi-bedroom houses in the foursquare style that are over 2,000 square feet. The variety of sizes to the community’s single-family detached houses has led to a range of prices that don’t cut off any buyers from the area because of their budget. Larger, more expensive homes share the neighborhood with more affordable houses and condos, making Beacon Hill the perfect community for anybody looking for a new home.

    Shops and Restaurants in all Directions

    While the hilly terrain of Beacon Hill helped transform it into one of the more unique residential communities in Seattle, residents don’t need to worry about missing out on great shopping opportunities. Locals are right in between two major commercial areas in Rainier Valley and Georgetown, as Rainier Ave and Airport Way each have shopping districts with local restaurants, coffee shops and specialty stores. For something closer to home, you can try one of the community’s many ethnic restaurants along Martin Luther King Jr Way on the east side of town or along Beacon Ave in the north.

    Home to the Large Jefferson Park and Golf Course

    North Beacon Hill is home to the spacious Jefferson Park and the Jefferson Park Golf Course. The park itself is a popular destination for all the surrounding communities and offers a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. The center of the park contains a cricket pitch and just south of that is the Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club. Other residents may enjoy the skate park or community center and younger family members can spend time at the playground. The park has plenty of open areas for gatherings or picnics, so everybody has room to enjoy their surroundings in peace. One of the more interesting aspects is the Beacon Food Forest, an urban gardening project that is open to everybody where all food is free to take for visitors.

    The Jefferson Park Golf Course is a full-sized course that offers more than just a round of golf. The Academy offers lessons to visitors of all ages and the restaurant is enjoyed by more than just hungry golfers. It also has a Par 3 course that offers FootGolf, the newest outdoor sport that merges golf with soccer to offer a wildly different way to play both sports while participating in the city’s current trend.

    Close Proximity to the Airport and Industrial District

    While the community is almost entirely residential, it is conveniently located next to both the Industrial District and the King County International Airport, making living in Beacon Hill a popular choice for people who commute to the areas for work but still want to have a quiet place to come home to. Anybody who is required to travel on a regular basis out of this particular airport may want to consider the possibility of making Beacon Hill their permanent home.

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