Burien Real Estate

    Burien is located south of Seattle and, although it operates as an independent city, has a feel that is more consistent with a small town. The quiet neighborhood, clean streets and throwback character have the atmosphere of a much smaller community, but with all the services and amenities of a large city.

    The Many Communities of Burien

    Much like any larger city, Burien has been divided up into many smaller and diverse communities that each offer their own perks and atmosphere. These include the coastline neighborhoods of Gregory Heights, Seahurst, Salmon Creek and Inglesea, and the centrally located Evansville and Highline that contain many of the commercial districts of Burien. The coastal communities are where you will travel to find the larger and more expensive estates in the city, with plenty of space and stunning water views, while buyers looking for smaller homes or condos will need to look to the interior.

    Luxury Estates in Shorewood on the Sound

    The seaside communities in Burien are where you will go to find some of the multi-million dollar mansions that overlook the water along the coast. These luxury estates range in size from 3,000 to 8,000 square feet and have large bedrooms and bathrooms with multi-car garages, plenty of space and meticulously landscaped gardens and yards. Burien is a wonderful choice for buyers in this price range who need to be close to Downtown Seattle but want their home to be away from the city in an area with a small town feel to it.

    Shops and Restaurants in Olde Burien

    Shoppers from all around come to Burien to spend the day browsing through Olde Burien, the popular shopping district in the city that provides a small-town American atmosphere with a selection of artisan shops and restaurants from local businessmen and women. This section of boutique stores and eateries gives residents and visitors a unique shopping experience away from the large retailers and chain restaurants that can be found throughout the city. Shop for gifts at the handmade craft and art stores or stop by for a drink and a bite to eat at the Tin Room, there are plenty of things to experience in Olde Burien.

    A Quick Drive from SeaTac

    The SeaTac International Airport is a quick drive away, bordering the eastern side of the city, which is convenient for any buyers who travel on a regular basis. Some people need to constantly hop on flights for business while others are frequent travelers for leisure, but both can benefit from a quiet place to come home to that is nearby and won’t require a long drive after a longer flight. Burien is right next door and makes getting to and from the airport a stress-free experience as opposed to the chore it usually is. If you are searching for a new home and find yourself spending a lot of time flying in and out of SeaTac, consider looking at some of the homes available in Burien.

    Parks and Recreation in the City

    One of the best perks to living in Burien is the abundance of parks and open spaces provided by the city to its residents. Looking to spend a day on the coast with the family? Try visiting the massive 182 acre Seahurst Park for a variety of activities. Go swimming or simply lounge on the beach and enjoy the mountain views. Reserve a picnic shelter and have a barbeque on one of the park’s grills. Take the kids to the playground or go for a hike. Seahurst caters to everybody. Serious hikers who want to experience the wilderness can head north to the Salmon Creek Ravine and spend the day hiking through the undeveloped trail system inside these woody hills. Many smaller parks are also spread evenly through the city, putting most residents within walking distance of one of the Burien’s public green spaces.

    Finding a School in Burien

    Burien is part of the Highline School District, which serves the city as well as surrounding areas of King County. There are many schools scattered throughout the city, so no family will ever have to worry about making their children travel too far from home to get their education. There are over 10 elementary schools in Burien, several middle schools and a variety of secondary schools and private or charter schools to choose from. Some communities do not have the same variety of schools as Burien, forcing parents who want specialty education to look outside their own neighborhood, but Burien provides schools covering many curriculums.

    Do you plan on relocating to Burien from Seattle or are thinking about selling your home in Burien? At Sweet Living, we understand the pressure that can be put on your shoulders when you are buying or selling a home and we work hard to take that pressure off of you so you can think clearly about whether you’re making the decision that’s right for you. If you want to focus on your new home without worrying about whether the paperwork is complete or the inspections have been handled properly, then give us a call. Together we will make the experience as pleasant for you as it should be.