Capitol Hill Real Estate

    One of Seattle’s most expensive and trendiest communities, Capitol Hill is where city dwellers go to try out the newest coffeehouses, experience the biggest shows and enjoy the nightlife. The neighborhood is known for the large mansions that rest side by side with studio lofts in retrofitted apartment complexes. Capitol Hill is directly north of Downtown Seattle and east of Lake Union and the surrounding areas include Eastlake and Montlake to the north and Stevens and Miller Park to the east.

    From Studio Apartments to Million Dollar Mansions

    The homes in Capitol Hill are wildly different in style, size and pricing, but that has only added to the allure and popularity of the neighborhood. The area is well known as the most expensive place in Seattle to find a home, with mansions lining in the streets in different architecture styles. Turn of the century mansions are just as popular as the modern estates that have been built in the last 10 years, both sharing space in the community. Capitol Hill is also home to many affordable studio lofts under 1,000 square feet in retrofitted turn of the century buildings and newly constructed condo developments, helping transform the neighborhood into one of the top destinations for singles with a high income.

    Experience the Vibrant Community

    Capitol Hill has a different feel during the day and during the night, and is known equally for each. While the sun is out the community is a vibrant mix of coffeehouses, diners, artisan shops, record stores and salons. The local markets provide residents with a way of getting the best handmade or homegrown products and produce that the city has to offer without leaving their own backyard. Volunteer Park is another great way to enjoy the outdoors during the day. With plenty of open space, a large conservatory and an art museum, Volunteer Park shows why it is a cornerstone of Capitol Hill.

    Enjoy Seattle’s Most Popular Nightlife

    Following Broadway down to Pike acts as a route for residents to take when they want to experience what everybody in Seattle already knows: Capitol Hill is the nightlife capitol of the city. The number of bars and nightclubs between Pine and Pike along the south of the community have given the area its reputation as the go to destination for young singles and groups who are just looking for a night out. The community is not just for the late-night crowd, as there are many concert venues showcasing some of the best local bands and pubs for a more low-key night out with friends.

    The Community Where Coffee is King

    Seattle is known the world over for its coffee and nowhere is this more apparent than Capitol Hill, where coffee is a large part of the culture. It’s impossible to travel more than a few blocks without happening across a new coffeehouse that is locally owned and offers a nice alternative to the major chains. With the amount of competition and pressure that each shop is under, it’s guaranteed that every coffeehouse in the community will be doing everything they can to offer the best coffee in the city.

    Perfect Proximity to Downtown and the Pike Place Market

    Is there not enough in Capitol Hill to do and see? Not many people think so, but if you’ve already spent enough time in the community’s many shops, bars and restaurants and want a change of pace, you’re in luck. Capitol Hill is right next to Downtown Seattle and Pike Place Market, putting residents a quick light rail ride away from being right in the middle of the big city and one of Seattle’s most popular destinations. The farmers market is over 100 years old and has a wide variety of permanent shops and restaurants that rest side by side with the merchant stalls that offer fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and flowers year-round.

    Capitol Hill has some of the city’s most expensive real estate, which is why one street has the nickname Millionaire’s Row, and buying or selling houses in this price range can have a special set of challenges. At Sweet Living, we have experience assisting with real estate transactions on multi-million dollar homes and we know what complications to expect and we understand how to deal with them before they arise. Financial transactions that result in this much money changing hands can put an awful amount of stress on the buyers and sellers. We make it our job to deal with all the details that cause this stress so that you won’t have to worry about anything other than finding the home of your dreams.