Columbia City Real Estate

    Located north of Downtown Seattle, Columbia City is a residential area that offers a quaint lifestyle usually reserved for small towns far outside of the city. Surrounding neighborhoods include Beacon Hill to the west, Mt. Baker to the north and Seward Park to the south. The community is known for its local events and many great shops and eateries along the main street in the middle of town.

    Affordable Houses for Families

    The majority of homes available in Columbia City are single-family detached houses or multi-family row house developments that have become an increasingly popular alternative to massive condo buildings that dominate the skyline. The community has history that dates back to its humble beginnings and this is reflected in the residential streets that are lined with classic houses and bungalows that are affordably priced when compared to the neighboring communities along the coastline. This simple lifestyle and home type has made Columbia City an area to watch for anybody who is looking to sell their current property and buy up to a forever home where they can raise a family in a quiet and safe neighborhood.

    A Close-Knit Community

    One benefit that Columbia City has going for it that other neighborhoods in Seattle do not have is a strong sense of community. Many areas may have that small town feel to them, but Columbia City lives it. The area is relatively small compared to other communities in Seattle, but that works in its favor. There are two residential clusters on either side of Rainier Ave, which acts as the main thoroughfare with all the locally owned shops and restaurants. This is the type of town where the person living next door may own the local bakery and everybody knows their neighbors.

    Everything You Need Within Walking Distance

    Columbia City is known as a pedestrian friendly neighborhood, where everything a homeowner will need can be found a quick walk away from their home along the community’s main street. The houses are divided into two main residential areas on each side of Rainier Avenue, which bisects the community with many great shops, restaurants, bars, coffeehouses and music venues. Only in a community like this can you stop by the local deli, grab a coffee at Empire Espresso, visit the art gallery, take a yoga class, grab a bite at the Columbia City Bakery and then catch a movie at the Ark Lodge Cinemas all in the same block.

    Visit the Columbia City Landmark District

    An entire area of Columbia City covering multiple blocks has been added to the National Register of Historic Places because of its many historic buildings that include residential, commercial and public buildings in a variety of styles. Walking through the Columbia City Landmark District is one way to enjoy the community’s history and its varied architecture. If you live in the neighborhood, this entire region will be in your own backyard, just a quick stroll away, and provides a way to see what the community looked like and experience the character it had at the turn of the century. The Landmark District is also home to many annual and special events that are put on for the community.

    Participate in Community Events

    One of the more popular organizations in the area is Bike Works, a non-profit bike and repair shop that believes everybody should have the ability to bike affordably and they practice what they preach. It offers a youth program that trains children how to build and repair bikes and then allows them to keep the bike as long as they put in the time required to learn how to fix it from scratch. The annual Beat Walk is a showcase of local musicians that lasts for four months in the historic district of town to provide pedestrians with an opportunity to shop while enjoying the performances of some of Seattle’s best acts. The Farmers Market is another locally organized event that brings the freshest produce and handmade craft items to the town. Columbia City may be a small town, but the community makes sure it has everything a family could ever need.

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