Magnolia Real Estate

    The community of Magnolia is a peninsula on the very western border of Seattle that is neighbored by Ballard to the north side of the Ballard Locks and Queen Anne to the east. The west and south of Magnolia rest right on the water, providing many homes with amazing views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. There are many home types found in the community, from single-family detached houses and waterfront estates to new condos and townhouses.

    Mid-Sized Homes and Condos

    Magnolia is a community unto itself and there are plenty of choices for potential homeowners who have been debating taking the plunge into buying property in the neighborhood. As you venture further inland from the coast, you will happen across humble residential streets filled with single-family detached houses that have been staples of the community since its inception. Closer to the eastern edge of Magnolia is where eager homebuyers can find condos or townhouses at a more affordable price. These buildings are clean and well-maintained and offer a great way for new homeowners to invest in real estate in Magnolia in a more modern style of living.

    Multi-Million Dollar Homes Along the Coast

    Some of Seattle’s most luxurious homes can be found along the coastline in Magnolia, where gated estates dominate the areas to the north of Discovery Park and along the shore up and down the entirety of the west coast. These homes can cost upwards of $10 million dollars on lots that run over a staggering 50,000 square feet, with meticulously maintained gardens and yards that stretch down to private docks off the water with stunning views of the bay and mountains. Many of these mansions are built with amenities that one would expect at that price range. Private pools, theaters, bars and enormous master suites are commonplace in these architectural marvels that range in age from newly constructed masterpieces to turn of the century jewels.

    Isolated Yet Connected

    Magnolia is one of the more unique communities in Seattle because, although it is very much a part of the city, it is also a peninsula. Magnolia is connected to the rest of the city by only three bridges that run over the railroad tracks that are a big part of the neighborhood’s history and help separate it from the rest of Seattle. The isolation only helps give Magnolia the small-town atmosphere that residents have come to love it for and doesn’t hinder locals from easily traveling around the city. Anybody looking for an escape from Seattle’s many busy urban areas may want to consider looking towards Magnolia as a way to escape.

    Authentic Fishing Society

    While the Pike Place Market may have the most eyeballs on it, Magnolia’s own Fisherman’s Terminal is the most authentic dock in the city. Come down here to experience a real fisherman’s culture and spend some time strolling through the docks to look at the real fishing boats before heading up to the market to get the freshest fish possible, caught in the sea that day. The marina also offers recreational mooring to locals who are looking for a safe and secure place to keep their personal boat and provides several shops, services and restaurants so you will never have to travel far once you’re back on dry land.

    Discover Seattle’s Largest Park

    Magnolia is the home of Discovery Park, which takes up much of the community’s land and also happens to be the largest park in the entire city. The serene and tranquil park is a great getaway for casual outdoorsmen as well as serious hikers, with its famous Discovery Park Loop Trail running 2.8 miles and connecting many of the hiking trails throughout the park. It offers a day camp for children that drops them at the center of a week-long camping expedition and teaches them all about the plants and animals that live in the Pacific Northwest. The kids are joined by “Environmental Educators” who will help them identify the many animals who are counted among the park’s wildlife.

    Buying or selling at the price of many Magnolia homes comes with a special set of complications. Many of the waterfront estates are not advertised as being on the market because most people just want an opportunity to see inside and are not actually looking for a new home. At Sweet Living, we work with buyers and sellers of luxury estates to make sure everybody who walks through the front door is a serious buyer. We understand the security risk and have a vetting process that guarantees nobody is wasting their time. Contact us today if you are looking for a home in Magnolia because we have the connections needed to make sure you are first in line when one hits the market.