Normandy Park Real Estate

    It’s not the largest city, the most recent population estimates have between 6,000 and 7,000 people living in the area, but Normandy Park provides a place to call home for the many people who choose not to live in the busier Seattle communities. Normandy Park is located just off the water to the south of Seattle and is bordered by Burien and Sunnydale on the north side, North Hill and Des Moines on the south side and the SeaTac International Airport on the east side.

    The Housing History of Normandy Park

    The entire area got its start in the 1920s as a planned upscale community that would provide large estates to Seattle’s richest where they could be surrounded by private beaches and golf courses. The depression put an end to this dream and the area didn’t undergo further development until the 1950s, when a rediscovery of the land resulted in a construction boom and Normandy Park was incorporated as a city. Many of the homes were either built in this time period or are part of the wave of development that created several gated communities up and down the shoreline all the way to Des Moines.

    Waking up to a View of the Water

    Marine View Drive is a street in Normandy Park that runs from the north of the community straight to the south and that name should provide all the information you need about the views that can be found from the houses that overlook the bay. There’s a good reason some people choose to live outside of Seattle in these smaller communities and make the commute into the city. Part of the reason is being able to have a home where they can wake up in the morning and relax while looking at the water drift off into the distance.

    Shops and Restaurants in Normandy Park

    While Normandy Park is primarily a residential neighborhood, there are several commercial areas along 1st Avenue in the north and in the south of the community. These areas have a mixture of local shops and restaurants so that people living in Normandy Park have options within walking distance of their own home when they want to go out for a bite to eat. The south is where the Normandy Park Market and the Normandy Park Ale House provide a place to pick up groceries or have a drink or meal with friends. The north has a slightly larger commercial region where a Quality Food Center shares space with several coffee shops, cafes, diners and ethnic eateries.

    Conveniently Located

    Normandy Park is close to two areas that make it very convenient for employees who work at the Highline Medical Center or the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Having a quiet residence to come home to after a long day of work is a must when working the high stress jobs at the hospital or airport, but it’s even better having one that’s a quick drive in the opposite direction of all the traffic. Normandy Park is a peaceful and stress-free community removed from the fast-paced atmosphere of Seattle and is the perfect choice for anybody working for the hospital or airline.

    Schools in the Community

    There are several schools around Normandy Park and the surrounding communities that provide education to area children without forcing them to travel very far. Two elementary schools are located right in the heart of Normandy Park, where Marvista Elementary School and North Hill Elementary School are just blocks apart. Sylvester Middle School is found in the north of the community just outside of Burien and Highline High School is just outside of downtown Burien, also to the north of Normandy Park. There are several charter and private schools in the school district as well, although some may require students to travel further than the public schools they are assigned to. Residents who live in the south closer to Des Moines will see their children attend school in the same block where Midway Elementary School, Pacific Middle School and Mt. Rainier High School all serve as the assigned schools for the Highline School District.

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