Queen Anne Real Estate

    The large hill north of Downtown Seattle may have once been a hindrance, but after decades of development it blossomed into the affluent neighborhood that rests there today. With large homes that have stunning views of the Seattle skyline, the water and the mountains thanks to the elevation, Queen Anne has quietly become a much sought after part of the city to find a home.

    The Four Sub-districts of Queen Anne

    Queen Anne was developed on the largest hill in the city, and this unique geographical feature has helped divide the community into four separate regions that have their own atmosphere. Lower Queen Anne is the busiest of the four areas and borders Downtown Seattle, making it one of the faster paced places in the city and makes it feel very much like a part of downtown. North Queen Anne is the exact opposite and feels like a quieter residential town with many students living in the area thanks to the Seattle Pacific University. East Queen Anne and West Queen Anne are on opposing sides of the hill and meet up in the middle, sharing the commercial district along Queen Anne Ave.

    Historic Estates in an Affluent Area of Seattle

    Some of the homes in Queen Anne date back to when the community had its beginnings and many of the richest men and women in the city used the free land to build extravagant mansions. The neighborhood took its name for the style of construction that was popular at the time, and Queen Anne was born. The multi-million dollar gated mansions that remain from this time period take full advantage of the hill and have stunning views of the downtown skyline and the Space Needle. With private lawns and gardens and spacious master bedrooms and full baths, these luxury estates use the space to their benefit.

    Low-Rise Condos and Attached Homes

    While Queen Anne may have a reputation for its lavish mansions, there’s way more to the community than just opulent estates. Most of the homes in the east and west are standard single-family detached houses that line the calm, residential streets. There are also plenty of low-rise condo developments that have been constructed in the past decade and attached houses or row homes are also fairly popular in Queen Anne. Condos and row houses are more affordable than their larger counterparts and provide a great entry point into the Seattle real estate market or an investment for people who want a rental property in their portfolio.

    Shops and Restaurants in the Downtown Core

    The main commercial stretch of Queen Anne is a long, connecting street that brings together all four corners of the community. Queen Anne Ave runs from the north to Lower Queen Anne and is lined with great shops and restaurants where residents can go to spend the day. Having options within your own community is a must so that nobody will have to worry about beating the traffic to get into Downtown just for a meal. Bars and restaurants like Five Hooks, Eden Hill, Sully’s Lounge, Flame Burger and Hilltop Ale House share space with grocery stores like Safeway and Trader Joe’s all in the same part of town.

    The City’s Biggest Attractions in Lower Queen Anne

    Lower Queen Anne has the distinction of being one of the busiest tourist areas in the city, with both regulars and visitors pouring in every day to experience the many attractions that are clustered together in the area. Places to visit include the Space Needle, EMP Museum, Seattle Children’s Museum, Chihuly Garden and the Pacific Science Center. Entertainment venues include Key Arena, Memorial Stadium, McCaw Hall, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Cornish Playhouse, Pacific Northwest Ballet and the SIFF Cinema. These venues offer a variety of entertainment from ballet to concerts to regional theater to opera. This area of the city may be insanely busy because of the entertainment options and the myriad of bars and restaurants, but there are many homes in the area as well for people who thrive on living within walking distance of the entertainment heart of Seattle.

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