West Seattle Real Estate

    Covering the entirety of the land on the west side of the Duwamish Waterway, West Seattle may be officially part of the larger city, but don’t tell the people who live there that. West Seattle prefers to live and operate as its own town, part of the larger whole but not defined by it. The communities here have the same benefits of other areas but with an atmosphere that is much more laid back and peaceful.

    The Communities of West Seattle

    West Seattle covers a lot of space, and with that territory is the division of neighborhoods that naturally happens. In the very north tip of West Seattle is the community of North Admiral which extends to the coast. Just to the west of North Admiral, also off the coast, is the community of Alki and just to the south is Genesee. The middle of West Seattle is the Gatewood neighborhood and the south of the region has the communities of Fauntleroy, Roxhill and Delridge. Like any other area of Seattle, the diverse mixture of communities is what gives it its charm and each place has its own unique atmosphere. There are plenty more neighborhoods to see and experience in West Seattle, making it important to travel around and see which part of town speaks to you.

    Shopping at The Junction

    The heart and soul of West Seattle is known to locals as The Junction, a family of shops and restaurants that are shared between the people living in all the surrounding communities. They travel here from all around to support the local culture and experience some of the amazing dining opportunities. Starting with breakfast at one of the many coffeehouses that offer a change of pace from the big chains, to lunch at one of the local diners, followed by dinner at an ethnic restaurant to experience a new culture and finishing off with drinks at one of the taverns, you can spend the entire day at The Junction and never run out of things to do.

    The Beachside Lifestyle of Alki

    Living right on the beach is something that most people would associate with Florida or California, but some of the condos developed along Alki Beach will make you think you’re waking up in another state. Say hello to one of the baby seals that are known to call the shore their home or enjoy the wide variety of coffee houses, burger shacks and fine dining that are built up across from Alki Trail. Whether you’re strolling along the beach to kill some time, going for a swim before work in the morning or jumping into a catch volleyball game, there are many ways to kill time in Alki. While the views from the condos are unparalleled, there are plenty of great homes just block away from the water that offer all the same benefits of living right on the shore.

    Parks and Entertainment in West Seattle

    You don’t have to worry about being kept away from public green spaces based on the community you live in, as West Seattle has numerous parks spread throughout the entire town. Puget Park stretches out along the waterway that separates the area from the rest of Seattle and it runs up against the Chinese Gardens and the South Seattle College. Close by is the West Seattle Golf Course, a prestige course that is open to everybody to enjoy, and the West Seattle Stadium, a sports arena with a full-sized track and a football field. Other parks in the area include the Schmitz Preserve Park, known for its wild hiking trails through the wilderness, the Me-Kwa-Mooks Park on the coast to the west, and the very spacious Lincoln Park in the south. Lincoln Park is a popular family destination with community gardens, a public pool and several ball diamonds which can all be enjoyed by the community.

    There are many places to live in West Seattle. The area comprises many communities that each offer a different lifestyle and home type. If you would like more information on the areas of West Seattle and get a better idea of which one fits your personality, contact Sweet Living and together we can show you a variety of home options in the many neighborhoods you will have to choose from. We don’t want you to find the home that’s right for you right now, we want you to find the home that’s right for you for the rest of your life and we will never push you into making